What a magical and memorable experience this is. First, I want to welcome everyone to the grand opening of KHDreams. This is such a great experience to partake in for both you and us. Kingdom Hearts Dreams was just a small idea back in 2013 by a group of staff members of scattered Kingdom Hearts Forums, that wanted to build a Kingdom Hearts community based around Streaming Kingdom Hearts graphics, edits, and news. These people thought it would be great to start developing a place where members can enjoy each others company and presents. After many debates, meetings, and discussions, with no development or research taken in, the Project took major effect as early as 2015. With the help of many talented designers, developers, and coders we've managed to go byeond the Kingdom Hearts Experience.
KHSite (Kingdom Hearts Site) officially started Back in November 2008, in addition, the site took off as a small community, but continued to grow and manage to expand it's resources later on within the years becoming mainstream. While members of selective forums continue to dedicate their time to their own respective home forums, they still had time to visit KHS, and of course, contributed as much as they could. With the help of developers, graphic designers, KHS, and other members of more Kingdom Hearts forums, KHS managed to build a strong team of people dedicated to fulfill their time to build and craft KHDreams while becoming a respective 'Sister site' to KHDreams. khdreams.com - Unofficial Kingdom Hearts Community, sole purpose to bring you Mainstream of Kingdom Hearts Graphics, and news. With that being said, KHI/KHS and khdreams would like to welcome you to 'the dreams of Kingdom Hearts - Your stop for Kingdom Hearts Graphics, News, and Resources.' The site is open, but we are currently still styling, designing and adding new features to the homepage. So go! KHDreams.com is waiting to be explored, KHS will still be in play, AFTER KHD makes a strong debue to the internet.